The Lac Vieux Desert Golf Course opened a 9-hole course in 1998 after two years of construction. An additional 9 holes were added and completed in 2008. Sprawled over 200 acres of the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this 18-hole course was designed with all levels of golfers in mind.

Constructed with USGA greens, which average 6,200 square feet, are spacious with a gentle slope and contour allowing for a variety of pin placements. Grown with Penn links Bent grass gives the course a glass like smoothness and ball bearing speed. Truly a compliment to the game of golf.

Each hole offers four tees for the convenience and preference of the players. Each tee is perched and elevated with a free flowing design and over 5,000 square feet of surface to play.

Our course's fairways are planted in a rich variety of blue grasses, cut to just above a half-inch in length and are generously wide at the landing zones, offering a tight lie for the best shots. Our roughs require skill and discipline to overcome their length and density.

Our course has one of the more sophisticated irrigation systems, with in ground sprinklers designed for maximum effectiveness, with minimal inconvenience to the golfer. This system provides for plush playing conditions all season long.

Five ponds spread throughout the course, two of which are involved with area restocking programs for trout and walleye, further accentuate our course. There is also a seasonal creek system running through four of the fairways. These ponds and streams add beauty and challenge for the pleasure of the golfer. With woodlands throughout and surrounding the course, there is always a possibility of animal visitors, which can include birds, squirrels, deer and bears, reminding the golfer they are in the heart of the northwoods.

Our beautifully designed buildings and course signs further highlight the natural beauty of the course. Each course sign is hand crafted custom designed using black India granite. These signs show a full color and sandblasted map of each hole, with wildlife relief etchings, to accentuate the fact that you are in the heart of a forest teeming with life.