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Monday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Legacy: The Art of Steve Ross 6.24.22-8.31.22

The Contemporary at Northern Waters Resort presents "Legacy: The Art of Steve Ross" show. 

Steve's current work for "Legacy: The Art of Steve Ross” revels in the simple, peaceful, natural beauty of "his world”, but moreover, the profound evolution and mastery of his own work. New scenes, color pallet and details. Nuanced. Enlightened. Beautiful. A shared experience of natural sights that most people can relate to and draw upon some experience to a degree or another in their own way. It's a mountain, seated among the trees, reaching into the clouds, and looking out over the water. Simple and uncomplicated. For the casual observer's eye, anything deeper is, as he says, is part of "your world”. An observer might look at one of his works and see a mountain and meditate on how it stands up over the trees and consider it lone, cold, and isolated, yet a different viewer of the same work might see it with a protective air; gracefully and boldly stretching up above the trees. And if presented with these thoughts, Ross will readily agree with either version, not because they lacked meaning to the viewer, but that the simplicity that could become more if so desired. It is his entire artistic point.

The Contemporary

Founded in 2021, The Contemporary at Northern Waters Resort is a gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art located in the Dancing Eagles Hotel. It is unique as it is the first tribally owned contemporary art gallery in the nation.

The Contemporary at Northern Waters Resort's vibrant contemporary program features the work of leading regional, national and international artists. Additionally, unparalleled exhibitions are prepared and presented on the work of legendary artists such as the inaugural show featuring the work of the elusive British street artist Banksy.

The gallery publishes monthly and bi-monthly online prospectuses soliciting artists to exhibit in their juried shows as well as sponsoring annual themed exhibits featuring the exclusive works of regional artists. It is truly the focal point of the arts in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it is proudly owned and operated by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.